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March 31, 2005

Eye 10

Pang Brothers' Eye 10 aka Eye Infinity The latest horror effort from the spookily identical Pang Brothers is not garnering any online hype or reviews for a simple reason: it's not very good. EYE 10 (or EYE INFINITY as the directors have ominously named it) is one of those "callow Hong Kong teenagers go to Thailand on vacation, encounter ghosts, return to Hong Kong variously deader and wiser, try to get rid of ghosts, die in twist ending" movies.

There's a great sequence in an underground pedestrian walkway, and a nice segment with some hungry ghosts, but overall it's a disjointed messy film that zings out dozens of vignettes with only one or two cool ideas among them, sort of like a batch of chocolate chip cookies featuring only three chocolate chips. It's a jokey, disappointing closer to the EYE trilogy, that was always a little half-baked to begin with.

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