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April 11, 2005

Bai Ling Will Make Any Sacrifice

Bai Ling is stripping for Playboy...lord help us. In this report in News Guangdong she reveals that she's done a four-day shoot for the magazine and sources say the issue should be out in May. All over the planet people have one question: why? Well, she's playing some kind of role in the latest STAR WARS flick, a character named Senator Bana Breemu, and this is a promotional event to capture the Playboy-reading, STAR WARS fan demographic.

She says, "I play a Senator of Coruscant. A beautiful, good, kind force in the movie. Yeah, even the names...I don't even know my character's name. It's weird. I don't know ... I don't know her name. It's weird, I say, 'How do you pronounce this?' I really don't know..."

There's been reports that her costume consists solely of tattoos, and one would guess she's got between 3 and 5 lines in the movie.

So it makes sense when she says that she'll make sacrifices in the name of art. Because it's art...right? Right?

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