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April 27, 2005

Chinese Odyssey Part 3 finishes

Wong Kar-wai's creative partner, Jeff Lau, is known for his wild, time-traveling, anything goes flicks that play fast and loose with everything: logic, physics, narrative coherence, pee jokes. He directed Stephen Chow in Chow's two legendary CHINESE ODYSSEY movies, and now he's just finished part three of this CHINESE ODYSSEY trilogy based on the classical JOURNEY TO THE WEST about the spread of Buddhism through China (it's more fun than it sounds). The flick shot in China, cost HK$100 million and stars Hong Kong heartthrob, Nic Tse.

It's expected to come out Chinese New Year 2006. Chinese New Year used to be the big season for Hong Kong movies, with new releases from Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow and other stars coming out like clockwork. The past few years have seen it die as a season for Hong Kong films as the industry shrinks like a lanced boil, but with CHINESE ODYSSEY 3 slotted for New Year 2006, maybe this is the comeback the season needs.

Go here for the story. Courtesy of Xinhua.

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