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April 21, 2005

Germany to North Korea: let's make a movie

German company, Pandora, which co-produced Kim Ki-Duk's SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER...AND SPRING are in Korea discussing another co-production with LJ Film to come out in 2007. Titled THE WOUNDED DRAGON it tells the story of Yun Isang, a Korean composer who lived in Germany, where he was arrested by South Korean secret police in 1967, dragged back to Korea, accused of being a North Korean spy, was imprisoned, released two years later, and hightailed it back to Germany.

The movie will focus on these events in Yun Isang's life, and Pandora is asking North Korea to let the production shoot in Pyongyang. This will be the first South Korean film ever shot in Pyongyang.

What's interesting is that this comes on the heels of THE PRESIDENT'S LAST BANG, another movie deeply critical of South Korean's modern history. BANG wound up with a court injunction that still stands, which ordered edits in the film and barred the public screening of the unedited version.

You can read more in the Korea Herald.

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