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April 27, 2005

SAVE THE GREEN PLANET director speaks

Kung Fu Cult Cinema has an interview with Jang Jun-Hwan, the director of SAVE THE GREENSAVE THE GREEN PLANET PLANET. Director Jang explains that the Raelians (remember their Canadian clone baby?) and an anti-Leonardo DiCaprio website (which has since been replaced by a page selling hydrocodone) claiming the dewy young actor was an alien engaged in an plot to conquer our planet by seducing our women, were his inspirations for the film.

He's also curious as to how the movie will do in "the most powerful country on the planet", America. Um, not so well.

Currently, Jang is working on a script for a superhero movie. He's locked up in a motel, outside of Seoul, re-drafting his script to make it more audience friendly, right this minute.

You can see the SAVE THE GREEN PLANET trailer here.

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