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May 10, 2005

Animals Leave Korea for Own Safety

First there was the fish that got sliced up alive in Kim Ki-Duk's THE ISLE. Then there was the octopus that got eaten alive in OLDBOY. Now it's five chickens who get their heads chopped off  in the Christian revenge film, BLOOD RAIN. Lars Von Trier cruelly exposes innocent audiences to Nicole Kidman doing "serious acting" in DOGVILLE and no one raises a stink. But chop off some chickens' heads and wait for the fur to fly.

(Thanks to Twitch  and KoreanFilm.org)

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BLOOD RAIN can't be defined as 'Christian revenge film'. In fact it focuses on the specific period in Korean history when Catholicism first came in and disturbed the traditional Confucian society, but it is a complicated thriller in which class conflict, religious collision and human avarice are mingled with serial murders, rather than a conventional revenge flick.

Korean audiences are enjoying the film, and they are loathing the chicken snuff scene as well. I think it is derived from the director's bad taste, but he has his own legitimate reason putting the cruel moment in the film. He said in an interview that audience should be careful to fully understand the symbolic meaning of the scene, joking that those who judge it also eat fried chickens.

I think it is not so different from the bloody dead horse scene in THE GODFATHER, or the voodoo carnival scene in ANGEL HEART. I hope you do not evaluate the whole Korean cinema just with several exceptional cases. :)

Posted by: sunhee | May 10, 2005 12:51:27 PM

Judge Korean cinema based on only a few examples? Of course not, but they are examples for the rest of the world to follow. Frankly, I think film crews should get rid of their catering and craft services and only eat what they can kill. The best fishermen and hunters will rise to the top of the unions, demanding high salaries and fees, while those gifted film artists who can't kill and clean a deer with a tripod and a roll of gaff tape will find themselves out of work. And think of how those finicky vegetarian actors will start to rely not on make-up and hair stylists who make them look good, but on the ones who can forage for edible plants and berries in the wild.

I truly believe that Korean cinema may be once more blazing a trail for the rest of the world to follow!

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | May 11, 2005 7:14:17 AM

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