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May 02, 2005

Kim Ki-Duk Sez: Bring It On!!!

Official poster for Kim Ki-Duk's THE BOWThe Korean press hates Kim Ki-Duk and he's not taking it lying down. Or laying down, either. His new movie, THE ARROW - THE BOW, will hold no press screenings. Not only that, only one image from the film will be released to the public before the movie opens on May 12. Cinema Janus, the promotional company, says they want people to be able to watch the movie without prejudice. But the real reason is probably more likely to be the fact that everyone in the world seems to love Kim Ki-Duk movies except the Korean media, who loathe him and refer to him in print as "an animal".

(Read more here, poster courtesy of Kung Fu Cult Cinema.)

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I'm a korean film journalist and I disagree that all the Korean press hate Kim's films. And I don't think that everyone in the world love Kim's films as you said either. Most of us have supported him since his debut in the mid 90s, and it seems true that he couldn't be an international star without Korean media's care and attention.

But his films have always provoked debates, and it is also true that some of his films have received bad reviews mainly because of their idiosyncrasy. I think the biggest problem is that Kim can't put up with negative responses from Korean critics and journalists, and he has a strange tendency to think that Western critics appreciate his so-called "artistic" visions more generously. I'm not sure why he has such a deep prejudice.

I don't think all of his films are masterpieces, but it's true that he is one of the most important directors in the current Korean cinema. Please don't think that all the Korean media loathe him. :) It's a pity that we can't attend a press screening of The Bow.

Posted by: sunhee | May 8, 2005 5:28:37 AM

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