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May 10, 2005

RUSH HOUR 3 may be coming *sigh*

Chris Tucker, star of RUSH HOUR 2Chris Tucker has been busy since 2001's RUSH HOUR 2. When he's not getting busted for speeding, or being named as a potential witness in the Michael Jackson trial, he's been working out a solution for world peace -- or, as we mere mortals call it, working out a deal for RUSH HOUR 3. Yes, the tired franchise that you'd think has run out of "Chinaman" jokes by now, yet somehow made a bazillion dollars at the box office, is back for a third installment. You know, the Bible only has two parts, yet somehow Tucker and Co. feel that RUSH HOUR needs three.

Dear god in heaven. What have we done to deserve this? Even Jackie Chan has said that he doesn't like the franchise but will do a third film "for the fans." Please, Jackie, don't worry about us.

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