July 20, 2005


CRYING TIGERS, the first Thai documentary to get a wide commercial releaseCRYING TIGERS is the first Thai documentary to get a wide commercial release, and it sounds like it might be great.

Director Santi Taepanich wanted to look at how the thousands of Thais from Issan (a NorthEast province) are faring in Bangkok where many of them come to work and he interviewed hundreds of them, before narrowing his focus down to five: a wannabe comedian who works in a seafood restaurant as a human fish; a stuntman who seems to appear in Tony Jaa's upcoming TOM YUM GOONG; a female taxi driver; a struggling nightclub comedian; and a once-famous folksinger who's fallen on hard times.

The doc attracted the attention of Ba-Ram-Ewe and studio Sahamongkol (the folks who backed ONG BAK and a ton of other big name Thai releases) and they injected about US$700,000 into the doc so it could be a theatrical release. And that's when the director entered hell on earth.

The movie opens on July 21. Possibly.

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Thanks again for linking to my review.

The movie did indeed open on July 21 and I went and saw it again, this time with subtitles. Seems the singer, Pornsak Songseang, has elected to live in a seedy motel for the past 20 years because it was the first place he and his singing troop stayed in and they remain there as a way of keeping it real. He never bothered with buying a house or getting a better apartment in Bangkok because he viewed his stay in the capital as temporary. 20 years? Temporary? Whatever. I guess money isn't really an issue with him.

The scene with Neth Insee Lek (translates as Neth Iron Eagle) and Tony Jaa is indeed from Tom Yum Goong.

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Your films are very good i like your films but kabi alvida na kehna he cant act very well Ihate this type of moviesssssssssssssssss

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