July 12, 2005


Tsui Hark's SEVEN SWORDSThey throw a horse.

Tsui Hark's SEVEN SWORDS is the most anticipated film of the year, and it seems to have all the hallmarks of success. But it's Tsui Hark who has wildly uneven movies in his past and whose recent movies have been pretty poor. I was worried that there were too many actors, too much focus on the nerdy super swords, and not enough good old moviemaking magic that Tsui is capable of, but seems averse to since about 1996. But the two and a half minute trailer is up over at the Donnie Yen fansite and...they throw a horse. Against my better judgement, I'm excited.

(Click the above poster to see a mega sized version)

Download the trailer.

A few other formats

(All hail to the Donnie Yen Fansite for hosting) (Edit: we helped kill DonnieYen.US's bandwidth, but luckily Twitch has taken over hosting: links above have been updated).

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Not sure why this trailer immediately recalled Corey Yuen's SAVIOR OF THE SOUL (which I can hardly remember since I haven't seen it in years). Maybe it was just the crazy, clashing swordplay filmed in low-level light. Of course the similarities to Tsui's BLADE are apparent as well. I loved seeing the literally translated subtitles after years of these epics being "cleaned-up" for wider release. I'd heard very good things about composer Kenjai Kawai, (particularly about GHOST IN THE SHELL), but I can't say I thought much of the soundtrack, (if indeed this piece is representative), which is too bad since for me the soundtrack really drives the film. Great to finally get a real feel for the project - thanks Grady.

Posted by: Jennifer | Jul 12, 2005 1:56:15 PM

All thanks are really due to Chelle over at the DonnieYen.us site for hosting the trailers.

I'm up and down on this movie, but the trailer did make me feel more up than down. I thought it was heavily reminiscent of THE BLADE in terms of the production design, with a dose of anime tossed in via the funky-looking bad guys and their fashion forward haircuts. But that pony fight in the shallow river reminded me of Carina Lau's horsie scene from ASHES OF TIME.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Jul 13, 2005 7:50:03 AM

Just a FYI for anyone that comes across this...hosting the trailers killed my site's bandwidth, so I had to pull them. Though Twitch put them up so anyone that hasn't had a chance could see em


Posted by: Chelle | Jul 13, 2005 4:00:24 PM

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