July 25, 2005


Hong Kong's SUPER TRIO SHOW has ended, sadlyJuly 10 marked the last episode of Hong Kong's SUPER TRIO SHOW, a beloved comedy game show that ran for 10 years. Hosted by Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb, and stuntman Chin Kar-lok (whom, I believe, replaced Jordan Chan as host) this was one of the best shows on Hong Kong TV and I'm surprised it hasn't turned up on Spike or somewhere.

Celebrities were usually the guests and they participated in some of the most ridiculous competitions ever. A personal favorite was when a white guy and a black guy were clamped in headphones and had to sing along to Cantopop only they could hear. The perplexed celebs would try to guess what songs the mush-mouthed foreigners were singing.

Eric Tsang is best know for his role as the crimelord Sam in the INFERNAL AFFAIRS movies, Chin Kar-lok was recently seen in the intense ONE NIGHT IN MONGKOK, and Jerry Lamb was a regular in the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS series.

Even for a non-Cantonese speaking viewer, this show was tremendously fun. So long, SUPER TRIO!

(Thanks to Asian Fanatics)

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First time to hear a non-Cantonese speaker like this show. All HK ppl like this, it's very funny and it is a only one non-drama show can get high audience rate as famous dramas. Although Sunday night is not much ppl watch TV(everyone goes out), but it still got around 35 points. (1 point equal to 60k ppl in HK and the best TV drama is around 40-45 points so Super Trio is a very high rate show.)

Posted by: danRyan | Jul 25, 2005 7:02:27 PM

I loved this show and only wish it was broadcast in the US so I could watch it every week.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Jul 26, 2005 2:18:10 PM

soo.. sad.. it ended.. i really want to watch it again.. lyk.. wif da 3 main judges.. itz soo funnii.. wif a blink of an eye 10 yearz passed..

Posted by: FLC | Oct 23, 2005 4:51:43 PM

hope to see them again and make fun for us

Posted by: kham | Jul 8, 2006 9:32:31 AM

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