August 18, 2005


Casshern, UK posterThe best movie of 2004 was CASSHERN. My biggest regret in the New York Asian Film Festival is that Dreamworks/Go Fish wouldn't let us screen this amazing, gob-stopping, head-smacking, space Nazis versus robo-Commies flick based on an old anime series. And the most flabbergasting thing is that the whole epic project only cost about US$6 million. It's the movie SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW should have been, if only it had had a brain or a heart.

CASSHERN has a confusing plot, about 50 different things going on at once in the opening half hour, and a super-stylized use of special effects that may leave some people cold, but in my opinion it's one of the most exciting science fiction movies to come along in ages. If you can just turn off your critical faculties and open up your head you're going to get a transcendent experience. CASSHERN takes Tsui Hark's TIME AND TIDE experiments with CGI to their logical conclusion, ditching attempts at photorealism off the side of the ship and using digital effects as a purely emotional graphic design element. Images switch from 3-D to 2-D in the blink of an eye and during scenes of massive carnage the action will suddenly become as theatrical and gestural as Kabuki or Chinese opera. It's absolutely staggering. When I hear the word CASSHERN, my eyeballs automatically lubricate themselves in preparation for massive visual penetration.Casshern was the best film of 2004

Yours will too.

Don't believe me?

Go check out the Dreamworks/Go Fish website and the Japanese trailer in Quicktime.

Shochiku seems to believe that Dreamworks/Go Fish is looking at a 2006 US theatrical release.

CASSHERN'll make about five bucks at the US box office, but Go Fish (Dreamwork's anime/Asian subsidiary) hasn't seemed to care too much about movies not doing so well at the box office so far. Cross your fingers that a Jan/Feb theatrical release will happen.

Read an exhaustingly in depth review at Midnight Eye here.

Click on the poster above to see a larger-size version.

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I saw Casshern when I rented it from Nicheflix back in April. I liked it very much, so much better than Sky Captain. The graphic's and CGI were stunning. The music was also great with a mixture of classical, rock and techno. It could make a few million and hopefully more if they release a US DVD version.

Posted by: scott warford | Aug 18, 2005 8:52:54 PM

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