August 30, 2005


Paul Spurrier's P, a movie best described as Thai lesbians fight monstersMonte Cristo Entertainment is handling the World Wide rights to Paul Spurrier's P, a movie best described as "Thai lesbians fight monsters".

It was at the New York Asian Film Festival and split the audience between people who thought it was the best thing they'd seen, to folks who found it lame.

Read more about the story behind P here. And I still don't think this movie has been okayed to be screened in Thailand.

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I can say based on what I'm told, that there is extremely little chance that this will ever get screened in Thailand. Contrary to the whole "bar-girl exploitation sex trip" image that Thailand seems to be saddled with, a lot of Thai people are freakishly conservative in that respect-I suspect the whole "bar girls as actresses" thing will never fly either. Excessive nudity and profanity are also a no-no, from what I'm told. But they seem pretty cool with wanton violence, so you never know....

Posted by: FiveVenoms | Aug 30, 2005 6:32:50 PM

The point is, I think, not so much that the film's release would be blocked - though it might be - but that most Thai people don't really want to see this kind of film and so no distributor is likely to want to invest money in releasing it. Most Thais don't get to see what goes on inside go-go bars, but neither do they want to. I watched the film with some Thai friends who were mildly curious to see what goes on in these places, but they soon decided that they prefer not to know. You can't really blame them - it's not exactly something the country should be proud of. But as far as censorship goes, the film's content is pretty negligible in terms of nudity and profanity.

Posted by: Rob | Sep 1, 2005 9:09:13 AM

Yeah, I essentially agree-Like I said, the whole bar-girl, sexy stuff goes (more or less) against the mainstream Thai culture, but they LOVE ghosts, and stuff w/black magic, etc. All in all, I'm inclined to agree with you-Thai people do not, in fact want to go see this, but given the ghosts and mayhem, there's a good chance they might anyways.

Posted by: FiveVenoms | Sep 1, 2005 11:39:50 AM

I've got a DVD of the film, and have watched it with some of my Thai friends, including some of the people in the business. They actually liked the film, but all agree that it could never be shown in Thailand. Mind you, this is without any other Thai about, just one by one. Peer pressure is a strong deterrent. You just don't admit that some things do occur. Like getting the Japanese to do a film on Nanjing or the Americans to make a film about the Philippines.

Posted by: Bobby Kennedy | Feb 2, 2006 10:04:22 AM

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