August 30, 2005


Maybe you want to be Maggie Cheung who just became a spokeswoman for Olay. In their new ad, she plays a Greek Goddess, wears a white dress, drives a "nice" car and "Each movement Maggie does, shows her inner beauty, making females want to do exactly the movements same." Me too. Me too.

Or you could be one of the celebs involved in a giving war over a 7 year old boy who was chopped up by two masked assailants. Chow Yun-fat has given the kid about HK$100,000 and not to be out-done Leon Lai, Kelly Chen and Miriam Yeung have each pledged HK$50,000. Now it's rumored the TWINS might get involved.

You could be Li Yuchun who became China's Super Girl after receiving 3.5 million votes via text message to win the MONGOLIAN COW SOUR YOGURT SUPER GIRL contest (it's like American Idol, only with a better name).

Maybe Kelvin Tong? The director of Singapore's first horror flick, THE MAID, is getting good reviews for the film (although they do say it's not very original).

Probably better to be Derek Yee, who won Best Director and Best Screenplay at this year's Hong Kong Film Awards for ONE NIGHT IN MONGKOK. His new film, DRINK DRANK DRUNK is already earning great reviews.

Personally, a lot of people want to be Jeroen, a Westerner, an English tutor and Cecilia Cheung's new boyfriend.

But no one wants to be Cisco Systems employee Tran Nghia Hong. This Vietnamese-American moved to Singapore, was found with 56 porn DVDs (including LORD OF THE STRINGS) and arrested. It was only when he revealed that it was his brother's stash that he had stolen, and not a cache of porn he planned to sell, that he was released without penalty to face an angry brother and an office full of co-workers who now know what he does on his nights off.

(Thanks to Hong Kong Entertainment in Review for the holy word of gossip)

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