September 08, 2005


Bey Logan will unleash his Mandarin to help put together co-production dealsThe all-around Hong Kong Kid, Bey Logan (author of "Hong Kong Action Cinema", writer of THE MEDALLION and GEN-X COPS, producer of THE TWINS EFFECT, actor in CIRCUS KID, guy who did something undefinable with Media Asia and Hong Kong rep for Arclight Films) has a new job as the Weinstein Company's Asian rep.

His official title is VP of Acquisitions and Co-Productions and he'll unleash his Mandarin to help put together co-production deals (like KILL BILL enjoyed) and scoop up Asian titles (Arclight is involved with SHA PO LANG -- does this mean it'll go to the Weinstein Company?).

Prediction: Bey Logan has a big personality. Harvey Weinstein has a big personality. I expect a year of some brilliance followed by the announcement that Bey has moved on to bigger and better. But it'll probably be a pretty good year, and from the sounds of this article I get the feeling that Harvey and Bros. will be doing some pretty heavy duty shopping at the Asian movie supermarket to build up their library.

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Any possibility of getting Bay Logan's contact id. Would be very glad if anyone coul email me his contact. Thanks,

Posted by: Sumeet | Apr 14, 2006 10:43:20 AM

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Posted by: Sridhar Rangayan | Apr 14, 2006 10:46:13 AM

Dear sirs,
Just wondering could you forward me Bey Logan's email address.

Posted by: david ferris | May 7, 2006 11:22:32 AM

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