September 30, 2005


ShinobiMark Schilling gives a glowing review to the Japanese flick, SHINOBI, that gets released this weekend over at the Japan Times. It's about a lady ninja, death stares, and, well, more ninjas.

Check out the J-pop-a-riffic trailer here. It makes it look like the unofficial sequel to Ching Siu-tung's SWORDSMAN 2 and EAST IS RED.

While you're there, check out this goth-rockin' trailer for the fantasy samurai flick ASHURAJO NO HITOMI which is based, of all things, on a stage play.

If you're in need of a burst of pure estrogen, the trailer for the just-released NANA will get your glands pumping.

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I haven't seen SHINOBI yet, but it looks like it borrowed the success formula of recent Chinese blockbusters - aesthetic / martial arts / romance. Interesting. (I wrote a small article about it on my Hoga Central site, too.)

"Ashura-jo" did not match my taste - you may like it if you are a "Onmyoji" fan, though. The only reason I watched it till the end was Somegoro Ichikawa. He was so handsome, cool and beautiful. His new film "Semishigure" just came out today in Japan, and I am looking forward to this one more than "Ashura-jo". (News also on Hoga site)

Posted by: Michi | Oct 1, 2005 8:44:00 AM

dude isnt thats the guy who played the villain in Versus??
man hope he doesnt get streotyped.

mmm need to review this on my blog too.

Posted by: Akusuka | Oct 1, 2005 5:18:43 PM

I don't know much about Versus, but if you are talking about Joe Odagiri, the male ninja, he does not seem to be in that movie... Odagiri is actually all over the place lately, including "Racoon Princess" with Zhang Ziyi, and got Japan Academy supporting actor award with "Blood and Bones" this year, playing the abused son of Takeshi Kitano.

Posted by: Michi | Oct 4, 2005 10:33:27 PM

I think you're thinking of the villain in Azumi, which he was.

Posted by: Chris | Nov 16, 2005 4:27:50 PM

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