September 12, 2005


Not to be out-done by Toronto, the Vancouver International Film Festival has announced its traditionally Asian heavy line-up.

There's all kinds of movies over at the official website, but here's the highlights (and many thanks to the inexorable Paul Kazee for letting me know about these):

There's screenings of KEKEXILI, Lee Myung-Se's THE DUELIST, CITIZEN DOG, Ryu Seung-Wan's CRYING FIST, Bae Doo-Na's Japanese film, LINDA LINDA LINDA, PRINCESS RACCOON, TAKESHI'S, Eric Khoo's BE WITH ME, and Hou Hsiao-hsien's THREE TIMES.

The indie Chinese movies MONGOLIAN PING PONG, and the very strange, very boring, extremely fascinating OX HIDE (the director shot it in her parent's flat starring herself and her parents as themselves) will be screened. PEACOCK, the great Chinese feature from Gu Changwei, the cinematographer to the gods. STAR APPEAL, a queer film from China about a naked Martian and Judgement Day. GIE, an epic  Indonesian film about the real-life activist, Soe Hok-gie, who opposed the Sukarno government.

BAMBI ? BONE, a Japanese film (directed by a woman - yow!) about pedophilia and child abuse. Nagasaki Shunichi's HEART, BEATING IN THE DARK from 1982, and the director's response to his own film also called HEART BEATING IN THE DARK. Thailand's M.A.I.D. (a spy/maid comedy), and the documentary from Thailand CRYING TIGER. And IF YOU WERE ME 2, the sequel to Korea's omnibus film about human rights, this one including a short by Ryu Seung-Wan.

More on the official website.

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