October 03, 2005


Jackie Chan, looking cranky and stressed outJackie Chan, sounding cranky and stressed out, launched into a tirade against Chinese movie fans, Korean movie fans, and the Chinese press while attending a party in Guangzhou last Wednesday.

Although THE MYTH is doing well in China, Jackie isn't happy about it."Whenever South Korean stars come to China, our domestic newspapers dedicate the most striking headline coverage to them. But their (South Korean) newspapers don't give much space to the visiting Chinese stars and leave the main space for their own stars. This is exactly the exponents of national spirit." So, I think that means he likes the South Koreans for this.

He went on to say, "The prosperity of South Korean movies doesn't mean the movies have high quality," and he attributed their success to national support.

Then he said that Chinese movie fans should show more support for Chinese movies.

A nervous publicist then stepped in and said he was sure THE MYTH would set a National Day record at the box office.

But it's not just Jackie, it's Jay Chou's fans, too. Apparently at a concert in Harbin an angry fan fought his way through the overcrowded audience and went backstage. He asked, "Who is Jay Chou's manager?" And Jay Chou's manager stepped forward and got hit. Then he asked, "Who is the organizer?" Someone pointed out the three-months pregnant organizer, and the guy started punching her, too. Then the assailant asked, "Where is Jay Chou?" But by this point people were catching on and no one told him where Jay Chou was and a security guard stepped in to intervene. How'd the guy get backstage in the first place? Reports say he was a cop.

When asked about the assault, the TWINS just giggled and said that this kind of thing happens to them all the time. Charlene Choi elaborated, "Once when we held a concert in Shanghai, our car was surrounded by fans. The security guard thought our assistant was one of our fans so he punched her in the face."

The wave of injustice continued as Edison Chen received a parking ticket. Edison, however, chose to stop the cycle of anger and just accepted the ticket even though he had just run inside really quickly. We should all try to be more like Edison.

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