October 04, 2005


A savvy reader has pointed my nose towards AIN'T IT COOL which has the American trailer for THREE...EXTREMES, now with differences. (Go here and see it, in Windows Media format)

Lion's Gate is releasing the movie and they've changed the name to THREE EXTREMES (ellipses removed, which makes sense) and reshuffled the order of the sequences (which doesn't). Originally, the movie started with Takashi Miike's BOX, which left viewers confused; continued with Park Chan-Wook's CUT, which was a little bit more exciting but still didn't hit the sweet spot; and finished with Fruit Chan's DUMPLINGS, which pretty much blew folks away.

From what I remember, the Lion's Gate version starts with DUMPLINGS, then finishes with CUT, then BOX (or is it BOX then CUT - I'm not quite sure, but I know it starts with DUMPLINGS). The problem here is that the movie starts on a high note, and then doesn't have a lot of places to go, rather than finishing on a high note.

Not that DUMPLINGS is better than BOX or CUT (although I much prefer it) but it is the most shocking and memorable of the three, so it's weird to start with it.

Also, notice in the trailer that most of the footage comes from BOX and then CUT with almost no footage from DUMPLINGS. I'm pretty sure Lion's Gate is nervous about how DUMPLINGS will go over. Which may be reasonable, my standards are so warped I'm not sure anymore.

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The Hong Kong DVD (from MegaStar / Media Asia) begins with BOX, then on to DUMPLINGS, and finishes with CUT.

I watched each episode on a different night, so I can't say that I have any preference as to running order, but I did like DUMPLINGS the best (very clever), CUT second (it looks amazing, if nothing else), and BOX far behind in distant third.

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