November 04, 2005


Fun day!It's Friday, and you don't want to think too much because pretty soon you'll be free! But take a moment for a Friday is Fun-Day round-up of the week's best news:

- In Japan, a young girl has been arrested for poisoning her mother and blogging about it. D'oh! Her principal says he can't understand how this happened, "This girl is a serious student belonging to the chemistry club." What's he so surprised about then? That she didn't get away with it?

- Kuldeep Singh is a bus driver in New Delhi who saved lives...because he watched Bollywood movies. There was a bomb on Singh's bus! Singh grabbed it and threw it off! People were saved! Singh says, "Seeing the wires and the clock, I realized it was a bomb. I had only seen it in Hindi movies." Hooray for Bollywood!

- Takeshi Kaneshiro is studying English at UCLA and inconsiderate fans are following him all over campus, into classrooms, and taking his picture. It's disruptive! Now, he's had to be moved to different classrooms. The nerve of some people. Does anyone know what classroom he's in now? Email me.

- Stephen Chow was an hour late for a press conference and the Mainland Chinese press attacked. "Why are you so late?" "Do you know how to pose?" "You look really dumb like this." Finally, they asked why he wasn't nominated for a Golden Horse award for his acting in KUNG FU HUSTLE. "Duh!" Chow replied. "I didn't get nominated because I'm a really terrible actor."

- China is ecstatic that 150 Chinese movies have been found pirated and available for download on an American website. Ha ha ha! Americans pirate too! Ha ha ha! When it's still, and the wind is blowing in the right direction, you can hear them laughing all the way in New York.

- Here's a review of the happy ending version of Johnnie To's ELECTION that was put together to play in Malaysia and Mainland China.

- Tony Leung Kar-fai was arrested for drunk driving this week, but the beating he administered to a bus driver after a drunk driving accident three years ago has come back to haunt him. As if Fate has a sense of humor, this week the beaten bus driver filed a claim for damages, claiming that Tony Leung Kar-fai has fists of steel that damaged his spine and caused him to lose his job.

- And here's something sent in from a sharp-eyed reader who wanted everyone to know that the Steven Seagal-produced Hong Kong action flick (with Sammo Hung), DRAGON SQUAD, has a downloadable Windows Media Player trailer available here.

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