November 04, 2005


Jay Chou is having a bad weekJay Chou, the Asian pop star who played the lead role in gargantuan hit INITIAL D, is having a bad week.

First off, his new album NOVEMBER'S CHOPIN, is being accused of stealing from other songs. A bunch of fans noticed it first and then the media picked it up. His song, BESIEGED, is supposedly lifted from a band called GSindikatas and now folks are saying parts of it are also lifted from a Linkin Park song.

The worst part is that "Besieged" is an attack on the paparazzi who are just eating this plagiarism charge up like candy.

Then, the 26 year old was accused of wearing a toupe'. A toupe'! Folks say he's got thin hair and is balding and then, suddenly, on the cover of NOVEMBER'S CHOPIN, he's got thick locks. His manager admitted he was wearing a wig, but that it was for artistic purposes only. The press, in the meantime, is shocked, just shocked, because Jay's rug was Made in Japan!

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i'm disagree about jay's news!! is a lie dat he copy ppl's song!! he's talented and stop accusing him!!!

Posted by: mute | Nov 18, 2005 7:06:14 AM

Jay had it coming. I noticed that a lot of songs on his last album Common Jasmin Orange were also copied or stolen. Get this has been out the door and bring on a new King of Rnb.

Posted by: Monkey King | Nov 18, 2005 11:39:16 AM

i think u are not a responsible reporter
coz u just post on some stuff u heard on the net and didn't do any brain work

let's me tell u ,, the song BESIEGED used the same string from the same company with that music group,, it is not copying ~ don't u know that u can buy different strings on the net and compose a song??

And,, um,, i think Jay is not only working on RnB style now,, his works included many different style like chinese culture and hip hop.. actually ... have u really listen to is music?

Posted by: aki | Nov 25, 2005 4:06:21 AM

i guess november chopin is the good album have i ever seen before. in indonesia people majoritas dont like chinesse music but after i listen nocturne, oh my god that music so touch my heart. event i don't really now what the meaning of that song but i can see in his MV and the melody that jay want to show his sad song. i think jay is good piano player event he is not like maksim. hehehe. in indonesia i can listen his music from mandarin radio and i'm very happy after listen his music because i can feel that song.

Posted by: hana gabriella | Nov 25, 2005 4:54:29 AM

OMFG!!~~he wore a wig?! the world is going to come to an end.... [notice the sarcasm =.=] geez....mass mediaz going realli low huh?

Posted by: bambi | Nov 28, 2005 3:49:07 AM

Well, thank god for blogs like this, huh? See, we can cover stories about celebrities wearing wigs, and saying dumb stuff and all sorts of fun and interesting, yet trivial, things while the mass media covers the important stories. I mean, do you think print journalism would stoop so low as to cover a story about Russell Crowe beaning a night clerk with a telephone? Or that Britney Spears had squirted a baby out of her womb? Or that Paris Hilton stole Mary-Kate Olsen's boyfriend?

Thank god for the internet...we leave the big stories to the big bopys while living the small life.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Nov 28, 2005 11:57:42 AM





Posted by: Monkey King | Dec 6, 2005 4:01:55 PM

this is totally getting out of hand..

you ppl are going insane

Posted by: gordon | Dec 18, 2005 7:42:20 PM

i still wuv you jay chou!!! *cries*

Posted by: Anoel | Jan 10, 2006 8:56:31 PM

"you ppl are going insane"

" still wuv you jay chou!!! *cries*"

yes, yes. we are. You have a problem?
we are obsessive Jay Chou fans! XP

Posted by: Joey | Jan 10, 2006 8:59:37 PM

Jay is a 1337 haxorz. Who will you seek to defame next Wang Fei?

Posted by: T | Feb 8, 2006 4:30:20 PM

i think the peps who reported bouts how jay chou's song "besieged" is similar to GSindikatas' song and linking park is bullshiet...if so, then...how r we gonna argue/explain bouts those bands?! who copied who's songs? i think this is all full of bullshiet...little stuff. like other singers dont copy other songs... do u ever find any difference among all the american rapperS?! they all sound the same. some r even obvious a copy! people who dont know jay chou enough dont have the right to judge him...puttin on a wig for his photoshoots r fake, what bouts the american idols who does plastic surgery from chest to butt? n the on screen airbrushin they use for mtvs or commercials?! everyone thinks its fine!...then guess what?.. its fine for jay chou too! jay's songs r far more professional, unique, and better than most artists! at least the lyrics to his songs is not all bouts love, sex, drugs, money, n being all that! oh! n dont u peoples get sick of watchin mvs like watchin porn? LEAVE JAY ALONE!

Posted by: lan | Feb 21, 2006 10:19:46 AM

LEAVE JAY ALONE... you dont know him so dont accuse him of anything!... you bitches just upset that he can sing, act , dance and good looking and your not!

Posted by: donna | Feb 25, 2006 3:40:50 AM

hei!!! you all know that jay chou is a very talented singer. he is very smart and charming. I disagree with those people who are saying that Jay Chou is a fake. those silly people just making gossip just because they are jealous. Haiya............

Posted by: Karin | Mar 5, 2006 4:52:10 AM

jay chou songs so buff :P lol >.< lol =p

Posted by: lil baby gal | Mar 10, 2006 4:32:52 PM

jay is nothing...
jet li is also nothing..
Huo Yuanjia is the real "Hero"...
during a time when the foreigners were invading China, and labeling chinese as the weak race of asia..Huo fights to restore pride for China...
how many of you can fight for your country?haha

Jay/Jet li are just individuals...
Huo is a legend already..a national hero..

Posted by: ks | Mar 11, 2006 5:02:36 AM

gay chou=sucks! singing=mumbling!

Posted by: Jet Li | Mar 16, 2006 7:30:09 AM

Fuck all of ya who accuse Jay... He's da hero... Da way he sangs is nt mumbling...its a way of singing... jus dat u all critisizer out there doesnt noe how to appreciate... so dun jus open ur big mouth and scold around... do so if u can sing or compose better than him! btw, who noes who's better!? There's alwis sumone better than u in this world!

Posted by: Jay's Supporter | Apr 12, 2006 5:09:56 PM

people!!...LEAVE JAY ALONE...he hasnt done shiet to u or anyone else!...give him a break!!!! oh!..n mumblin=singing. its called technique n style....

Posted by: lan | Apr 18, 2006 7:11:20 PM

Hello ?! Jay Chou doesn't COPY !!
Jay needs inspirations from other songs ... Maybe he pick somethin' from some songs ... But HELLO ... This is not COPY !!
I bet you can't make music !!
Are you stupid ?! Jay Chou rocks !!
And stop complaining about Jay mumbling !! Jay's album sales proves everythin' !!
Whoever accuse Jay ... GET A LIFE !!

Posted by: Julie | Apr 23, 2006 8:42:12 AM

lolols jay chou fans lol
so obsessive
oh i still wuv u jay chou lolololol
gosh just cuz he's good looking doesnt mean he can sing lols
his singing technique = singing badly XD

Posted by: xDcookie | Apr 23, 2006 9:01:03 AM

Jay is not a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All u mutherf***kerz r just jealous he can sing
there's nuthing wrong in wearing a wig,
and hoo sed he coppied whatever crap's song, i've heard linkin park and there are NO, I REPEAT NO similarities. so whoever thinks jay is a fraud or fake..... GO FUK URSELVES.
keep supporting jay chou

Posted by: Liwensieng | May 12, 2006 6:20:41 PM

i don't care

Posted by: 滄海一根草 | May 19, 2006 8:50:16 PM


Posted by: Leslie Yu | May 29, 2006 9:32:18 PM

Dang 2many rumors if ya'll ask me. So what if it's a damn
toupe'. He is still an awsome singer and he has a great image. None of this bullS*** mean anything. Now Eveybody plz have a nice day.

Posted by: angiie | Jun 13, 2006 2:09:52 PM

jay chou is very talented and i don't think he would purposely copy a song from someone else - he can write better ones by himself!

besdies, in music you're allowed to borrow techniques - otherwise there wouldn't be much "music" around at all, no beethoven, chopin, and most of the other famous composers and singers we know today - and borrowing techniques doesn't mean you've "copied". just coz you're a pop star, it doesn't mean that the rules of music have to change to make the paparazzi and those gold-digging journalists happy.

Posted by: ~beanie | Jul 25, 2006 4:59:44 PM

I agree with T [posted on Feb 8]

i mean, not to be mean, but Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy sound EXACTLY ALIKE. their voices AND their songs. how come no one accuses them?
and all the stars get boobjobs. but no one goes "OMG! SHE GOT A BOOB JOB!" and posts it everywhere. so why is it SO bad for jay to wear a fucking wig? jeez. even without hair, he's still hawt as hell. ;P

all this is bull.

Posted by: CHALKohLETT | Aug 23, 2006 9:21:50 PM

I think its better that sometimes we should listen rumors or not of true news or false news cuz some people never or and believe it , so i sujest that listen to news like this stuff carefully , never should wanted carried too much way on this , that is my opinion .

Posted by: Denn | Sep 1, 2006 8:42:10 PM


and jay is NOT fake :)


Posted by: jaychou | Sep 2, 2006 9:20:49 PM

WTF?! I LOVE JAY CHOU!! omfg he is AWESOME!! and seriously I agree with all you people who support him, WHO GIVES A SHYT IF HE WORE AN EFFIN WIG?! all them other stars get fucking more drastic things done like plastic surgery and nobody's going around making post-bashes on em!! :@ FRIG!! you damn fuckers get an effin life 'cause he is WAY better than you guys will ever be ^o) fags. Err, just stop bashing him k? HE'S THE BEST!! Awww I love you Jay Chou!! MARRY ME!!!!! >.< xoxoxo

Posted by: o0xC1NDY&J4Yx0o; | Sep 2, 2006 9:54:38 PM

fuck myself. I cannot sing lah. I don't even know if the song is coming out of my mouth or my asshole.

BTW, I also worn a wig for my pubic hair. Not even hair there also...

Posted by: jc | Sep 4, 2006 12:32:30 AM

Jay Chou Rocks!!!!!!!!! AJA AJA JAY CHOU FIGHTING ALL THE WAY!! ^o^ he's awesome and should be an inspiration to everyone, instead of all the dissing some of you guys are doing...he's the first taiwanese artist i liked listening to and even though i dont understand the words, i love the way his voice sounds and his songs are touching!! if he's only been mumbling so far in his songs, then, i wonder JUST HOW AWESOME he would sound if he actually sang properly!!! wo ai ni jay chou and that's forever and ever!! He's really goodluking as well, with or without hair... xxx

Posted by: Sachi4Jay | Oct 5, 2006 3:21:38 AM

who say jay chou is ugly or suck..
You is cibai lanciau pukimah

Posted by: kikilala | Nov 7, 2006 12:23:34 AM

1stly who ever posted this blog... SHOULD DIE! u want ppl to notice this blog and don't like jay anymore.... BUT UR WRONG! He has a new Album called Still Fantasy..STILL FANTASY! He is a good singer... the best of all he is a good writer too. If Jay Chou coped any songs then y didn't any news reported it? I heard no news about it. PLUS the possiblility of jay's hair was shorter in Initial D was that he just grew his hair or something. Months go by and hair goes thicker and longer... GOSH PPL WHO DON'T KNOW ANYTING! GO DIE FIRST COMMENTER... THIS THING has pasted for a year now... SO END IT HERE! STOP THOSE NONSENSE!

Posted by: T | Nov 8, 2006 8:37:43 AM

screw u all jay is da coolest chinese dude. u wana diss him dissme and ill find where u live and assasinate u not...

Posted by: Ni bu hao kan le | Dec 9, 2006 7:23:00 PM


jay iz d bezz y know
dont say somethin like dat

Posted by: ulz | Dec 19, 2006 8:02:57 PM

Hey!!.. who's these MF reporter ... wanna .. have ur ass kick up arrrn ... WHAT DO U THINK OF MY FAvorite JAY .. Ok ... i don't shitting .. believe about this stupidis rumors .. ok

JAy have never done .. that stupid .. its bcos some of them r jealous that why .... they made .. such a bad news .. got .. whoever .. u r .. .. i didn't shitting care ..
ok .. JAY THE BEST !!!!

Posted by: philip L | Dec 20, 2006 1:04:11 AM

Hey!!.. who's these MF reporter ... wanna .. have ur ass kick up arrrn ... WHAT DO U THINK OF MY FAvorite JAY .. Ok ... i don't shitting .. believe about this stupidis rumors .. ok
JAy have never done .. that stupid .. its bcos some of them r jealous that why .... they made .. such a bad news .. got .. whoever .. u r .. .. i didn't shitting care ..
ok .. JAY THE BEST !!!!

Posted by: philip L | Dec 20, 2006 1:14:12 AM

Hey!!.. who's these MF reporter ... wanna .. have ur ass kick up arrrn ... WHAT DO U THINK OF MY FAvorite JAY .. Ok ... i don't shitting .. believe about this stupidis rumors .. ok
JAy have never done .. that stupid .. its bcos some of them r jealous that why .... they made .. such a bad news .. got .. whoever .. u r .. .. i didn't shitting care ..
ok .. JAY THE BEST !!!!

Posted by: philip L | Dec 20, 2006 1:16:47 AM

Hi guys,

i'm Audrey, a french girl who has spent 1 year in Taiwan. I've been knowing jay chou'song for 5 years now, and i got all of his album. That guy is just a great composer and singer ! I do love his songs !!and he playes incredibly well the piano. I saw him during a party once, and i can swear he is really sweet and shy!!!!

November's chopin is the greatest album he has never done !!
xie xie Jay !!!

Posted by: Audrey | Jan 27, 2007 1:39:02 PM

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