November 15, 2005


It's getting seriously dangerous to love Bollywood.

Every time I turn around it seems like there's a set being burned down or a theater being bombed and now...Somalia. Over this past weekend, 11 people were killed and 20 wounded during fighting in Mogadishu as militias belonging to the Islamic courts attacked theater owners who show Bollywood movies. There is no central government in Somalia, and the Islamic courts have been using their militias to try to establish themselves as a force for law and order. But they also can't stand Bollywood with all its "immorality" which they claim is a source of crime, drug abuse and bad lip-synching. They also don't like the fact that the theaters open early in the morning.

In October, a militia stormed a dubbing studio where Bollywood films were translated and destroyed a bunch of equipment and so this weekend's fighting isn't entirely unexpected.

Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, the chairman of the Islamic courts, takes it to the next level by accusing the theaters of showing "scandalous movies to children even not allowed by producers in their home country".

Bollywood movies too scandalous for India?!? Send 'em to me, please! I'm curious.

You can read the BBC talk about it here, Sepia Mutiny josh about it here, or go here to learn a teeny tiny bit about a Somalian Bollywood fan.

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I recall that Bollywood films were an issue for the Taliban in Afghanistan, as well. Another reason these Islamofascists must be destroyed.

Posted by: Edshugeo | Nov 15, 2005 4:35:34 PM

Hey now, no calling for people to be destroyed on Kaiju Shakedown. Well, if you want to call for Johnny Lever to be destroyed I can turn a blind eye to that, and if you want to celebrate a giant monster destroying people then that's okay too because that's just a giant monster's way.

I do have to say that if you want to see a hilariously inept effort by Bollywood to stick it to the Taliban, then you should check out ESCAPE FROM TALIBAN. Supposedly based on a true story of one woman's escape from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan it's a wonderfully stupid movie that's practically carpeted in mega-sized fake beards that seem to be the size and shape of show poodles dangling off chins.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Nov 17, 2005 4:23:16 AM

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