November 11, 2005


Peng Chia-chia is a winnerRemember the Peng Chia-chia masturbation case that we covered here and here? The quickie details: Taiwanese entertainer, Peng Chia-chia, was caught on VCD masturbating on a woman. He wound up having to pay millions in blackmail fees to some triad types who threatened to beat him up over the tape. Then he got down on his knees and begged the press to leave him alone.

Now, there's a happy ending for Peng as a prosecutor has filed charges against four people whom he says bilked Peng out of NT$44 million. One of those indicted is Lu Ching (the woman in the VCD) and her gangster uncle. Yay for Peng! There's a description of a tape found in Lu Ching's home here (courtesy of EastSouthWestNorth) or you can click on the image to the right (courtesy of Apple Daily) that shows what exactly occurred in that fateful room. This week: Peng Chia-chia is a winner.

The epic film being shot in China with Andy Lau, BATTLE OF WITS (as it's now called - click here for pictures of the set and of Andy), had a slight hitch as Andy Lau jumped from the top of a city gate to the ground and wound up in a splint going all the way up to his knee. This week in Japan, an art student jumped into a river while holding a 16mm camera for a movie she was making, and she drowned. How come stars can jump off things all they want and never get hurt? This week: Andy never loses.

Mark Schilling gives a positive review to the latest Edogawa Rampo movie to hit screens in Japan, RAMPO JIGOKU. Four segments, each one starring Tadanobu Asano, and shot in high style. Could it be the start of yet another Edogawa Rampo craze? This week: Edogawa Rampo is a winner.

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