November 01, 2005


Tony Leung Kar-fai was arrested for drunk driving againHong Kong Minute...GO!!!

TIM BURTON'S CORPSE BRIDE took the number one box office spot over the weekend, with Johnnie To's ELECTION dropping to number 2 (now at HK$11.6 million, almost unheard of for a Category III movie), Andy Lau's ALL ABOUT LOVE at number 3, and Soi Cheang's HOME SWEET HOME (which he calls a "tribute to motherhood, masked as a horror movie") at 4 with opening weekend earnings of HK$2 million.

Read a HOME SWEET HOME review here.

Also, Tony Leung Kar-fai was arrested for drunk driving again. This time he merely rear-ended the car in front of him, rather than sticking around to assault a bus driver like he did the last time he was arrested for DUI in 2002.

A sharp-eyed reader points out that the new ELECTION posters feature a quote from Quentin Tarantino that reads: "I loved this movie." An early indicator that ELECTION is heading for "Quentin Tarantino presents..." territory a la HERO?

Five seconds left...and it's an item from China, not Hong Kong. Apparently, Chinese fans of Korean actor Bae Yong-Joon have pleaded with distributors to let them hear their heartthrob's voice and the distributors have listened. APRIL SNOW will be released in China both dubbed into Mandarin and in its original Korean with Chinese subtitles. This is one of only a few times that a foreign-language movie has been released subbed, not dubbed, in China.

Seacrest, out!

(Thanks to Hong Kong Entertainment News in Review for box office figures)

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