November 07, 2005


She is not being screwed by just one Japanese person, for she is being screwed by every Japanese person!Great Krypton, but I love Chinese editorials! Seriously, if these sound even half as good in Mandarin as they do translated into English then I'm going to Berlitz and signing up for a course right now because no one, and I mean no one, on Earth writes editorials better than Chinese writers.

Take the latest volley in the "Zhang Ziyi strips in MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA and it makes me sad" war. First off, there were fake pictures of Zhang Ziyi's naked tukkis in MEMOIRS and numerous people claimed that they were upset by this because, as Shi Changqing wrote:

"She is not being screwed by just one Japanese person, for she is being screwed by every Japanese person!  She is not the only person to be screwed by the Japanese people, for every Chinese person is being screwed by the Japanese people!  She let shame fall on the Chinese people!  How could such a person deserve to be a Chinese?"

Well, then it turned out that she wasn't really naked at all. This news was met with a deafening silence. Now, it looks like there may be some nudity in MEMOIRS after all and Zhu Xueyuan has weighed in on why this doesn't matter in the slightest.

Please, he writes, "If you think that Zhang Ziyi's butt can represent your face, then I do not object to that.  But could you please not bring the entire Chinese population into this!"

He goes on to mention Zhang Ziyi's "big white butt" about 30 times, while administering a sound verbal spanking to Chinese nationalists who get all worked up over nothing, and then signs off by quoting some classical sounding Chinese about the rights of the people. He also manages to work in the word "super-dispirited". Rock!

It's the kind of fiery verbal fireworks you don't see very often and EastSouthWestNorth has kindly translated the whole thing and posted it here. Do yourself a favor and at least skim it.

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