December 01, 2005


Zu_dvd A sharp-eyed reader points out some news I can barely muster a weak hooray for...just as folks predicted, Disney is releasing movies that Miramax was holding onto, starting with ZU WARRIORS on March  7, 2006 (details here).

Some folks are speculating that this means Disney is delving into the Miramax vaults and will start releasing a lot of their back catalogue including TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER, the Shaw titles, and more. I mean the Miramax boys stockpiled a bunch of Asian flicks over there in their time together with Disney. But unfortunately I don't share the good feelings. ZU WARRIORS was just about to get a theatrical release this past summer, up to the point that a new print was made, new subtitles commissioned, hell they even paid me to write a press kit for it. Everything was poised to go, and then...nothing. So Disney may be releasing things that were already in the starting gate and rarin' to hit the slopes, but I have my doubts they're going to dig deep for the tastier morsels.

I'd love to be proved wrong, though...

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It's a shame Zu Warriors wasn't worth the wait, however. We saw it a few years back. A bunch of shots of Ekin Cheng et al grimacing while cg stuff goes crazy about them does not for interesting cinema make. Terrible film. At least Tsui Hark has made up for it with Seven Swords.

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