December 15, 2005


Chicken vs. HelmetThe WTO ministerial meeting is going on in Hong Kong and there's been all kinds of fun, but the best thing so far is the Chicken vs. Helmet incident.

Briefly, folks are ticked that a TVB reporter put on a helmet before doing a live broadcast, giving the impression that things were dangerous and scary out there on the streets. However, absolutely nothing was going on and the protests were totally peaceful. Then the Chicken got into it.

It's better if you just read the whole thing.

(And thanks to Roland Soong of East South West North once again for his deadpan blogging)

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Hi there, I'm the WTO "chicken man" Tom Grundy and have written the following to the local press - a special web address is included at the bottom detailing my observations and feelings about the police and media:

Dear Sir,

The scare-mongering sensationalist media circus, the over-the-top policing and bleeding hearts about Hong Kong's broken history of peaceful protest have all became quite tiresome.

I spent the week and preceding month touring the city in a chicken costume to raise awareness of the WTO's true nature. I worked to trivialise and undermine media attempts to create a climate of fear by decorating riot shield lines with Christmas decorations, I also subverted live TV broadcasts as the anchors went to air donning helmets especially to exaggerate the level of danger, when there was absolutely no threat.

I was amongst the 99% of completely peaceful demonstrators (who were still tear gassed without warning!). Those who caused disturbance were NOT 'rioting' in a chaotic 'war zone', smashing up shops, cars and infrastructure or beating up civilians and policemen. They were simply trying to get to the Convention Centre and the police were an obstacle. This 'militant mob' picked up litter and returned police shields after their protests and it was never more than a few dozen activists at the front using force to break police lines.

If a country invites the WTO to their city, authorities should not be surprised if some of the millions of desperate people it affects turn up to express their anger. I was shocked by the diabolical lack of journalistic integrity and fairness shown by reporters and have set up a website detailing my observations at www.tvb.wxs.org.

Posted by: Tom Grundy | Dec 19, 2005 1:39:49 AM

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