December 08, 2005


No, no, not the story of Moses leading the Jews to freedom, but the new film from Erik Matti (GAGAMBOY) about "...a grim, unsmiling mercenary with extraordinary fighting skills and a murky past." Sounds like MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA to me.

EXODUS was shot on HD and featuring over 700 CGI effects (the most special-effects-stuffed flick ever from the Philippines) it's a LORD OF THE RINGS sort of movie where Exodus and his fellowship of monsters have to go kick the evil butt of a despotic king who lives in a gigantic, city-sized tree.

There's a cowardly centaur, a bratty fire-flining kid (whose fireballs turn into twin fighter sidekicks) and an aswang, which according to the notes is a creature that "...has the wings of a bat, the face of an angel, and the temper of a devil" which, again, sounds like Zhang Ziyi in MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA.

Fans of GAGAMBOY will be happy to know that the lovely Aubrey Miles is in EXODUS and fans of Hong Kong action will be happy to know that Philip Ko (he "discovered" Yukari Oshima and played a baddie in EASTERN CONDORS, DRAGONS FOREVER, and appeared in tons of old school Hong Kong flicks like 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER and DRAGON GATE INN) and his 12 strong stunt team did the action.

Big fantasy film. Lots of special effects. Decent cast. Wacky monsters. We all know Matti has a good sense of humor. Despite my better judgement I sort of have high hopes for this one.

Click here to download the "Exodus" trailer. It's a 3 megabyte Quicktime file, and I think its the right Quicktime format to be watchable on a video ipod.

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Wow, the trailer looks great! I, too, have high hopes for this film. Hey, who's repping the film and when is it being released in the Philippines?

Posted by: Anderson Le | Dec 8, 2005 7:06:29 PM

The production company is Reality Entertainment, Inc. ("Pa-Siyam") and Imus Productions in cooperation with Ignite Media and Enchanted Kingdom.

It's debuting in the Philippines at the 31st Manial Film Festival this December (2005).

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