December 16, 2005


Chinese superstar, Jay Chou, has had it with his mom!Chinese superstar, Jay Chou, has had it with his mom! He's so angry he's moving out!

According to Hollywood China:
"Jay Chou, 26, and one of China's biggest pop stars, recently threatened to abandon his long time roomate, his mother, after she accidently served him a peach daiquiri with alchohol in it. Chou had reportedly asked for a virgin peach daiquiri.

"He is the biggest popstar in Asia. I just thought it was time for him to party a little bit and act like a spoiled rock star for a change," said his mother, Yeh Hui-mei.

"I have enough going on right now. I just wanted to chill out, watch video's of myself, and drink a virgin peach daiquiri. But no! My mom has to spike it...with what I think was alchohol," said Jay Chou. "So as much as it hurt, I told her I was going to move out if she kept being a bad influence."

You can read the entire sordid story here.

(And if you're not laughing by the time you're done, then go look in the mirror for a full three minutes and think seriously about what kind of person you are and how you got to this point)

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I know you're taking this info from Hollywood "China." However, for future reference, please refrain from calling Taiwanese entertainers "Chinese" entertainers. Or confuse China and Taiwan. They are not one of the same. They are extremely different, with different values, politics, upbringings, dialects, cultures, belief systems., etc. Jay Chou is a Taiwanese entertainer who may be popular in China as well but he is by NO MEANS a Chinese pop star, originating from China. We Taiwanese do not like to be confused with the Chinese. Please make the distinction! Thank you.

Posted by: Mei | Dec 20, 2005 6:28:10 AM

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