December 28, 2005


Election2_aJohnnie To is everywhere,
Everywhere you look.
He's in your pants, and on your bed,
And even in your books.
A sharp-eyed reader drops a line
From his home in highest heaven
To say Breaking News is opening
(In America)
On January Twenty Seven.

He (or she) also says
Prepare for ELECTION TWO.
It's just wrapped up its shooting,
And here are screen captures just for you.

Election2_bThis time around it's Simon Yam
Who's running triad Wo Sing.
A guy named Jimmy isn't happy
With the way he's doing things.

Jimmy wants to leave Wo Sing
But that's not so simple, see
He's got some guys who want to make a deal
And they're from the PRC.

"Hey Jimmy," these officials say
"You should be the king
"We'll give you access to Chinese markets,
If you lead Wo Sing."

Just when he thinks it's over
Jimmy is pulled back in like Al*
But this time his triad boys are chopping necks
In the name of Hu Jintao.

*That would be Al Pacino in the GODFATHER 3

(A non-rhyming version of the ELECTION 2 synopsis can be found on the Celluloid Dreams website. More ELECTION screen captures can be found here, here, and here.)

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Awesome poem! Milkyway should use that in their promotion materials. :)

The screencaps are from the teaser hidden as an easter egg on the Election 2-disc special edition. It's on disc 2 under the "Trailers" menu; select the object held by Simon Yam to play it.

Posted by: Dave Cheung | Dec 28, 2005 3:51:42 PM

the captures from the election 2 teaser turned up at the asiandvdguide.com forums on xmas day... the original link was :


yes, go to the trailers section of the second disc and push up to the rock in the guys hands and thats the thing to select to see the (pretty much) footage-free teaser. the second disc is pretty nice, the only part of the DVD ive nosed through so far, has subtitled interviews with actors / johnnie to and a subbed making-of too...

Posted by: logboy | Dec 29, 2005 2:01:19 AM

Look likes most of the screen captures are deleted from imagevenue.com....

Posted by: No name | Dec 29, 2005 4:51:37 AM

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