December 12, 2005


Save San Francisco's Four Star theater!

The Four Star Theater is the last Chinese movie theater in North America, and it's been in a long-running fight with its landlord (a church) to keep the building. You can read more about the issues involved here and just to clarify one point, the Lees (who run the Four Star) had asked the landlord to come to them if he ever wanted to sell the building, but for some inexplicable reason he never allowed them to make an offer. Here's the latest email from the Four Star:

We've been counting on a San Francisco law passed last year, to allow us to keep our doors open and keep showing movies at 4Star, and to keep a thriving independently owned movie theatre as part of the neighborhood and community. However, we've been in litigation with the owners of the property since March 2005: They want to evict us, we are fighting to stay. The case will likely go to trial within two months.

The legal fees required for our fight have been mounting and we are asking for your support. This is our final battle, our LAST chance to save the 4 Star Theatre.  We need your help. Please come to the 4Star and show your support for the theatre on Saturday, December 17, 2005: it will be an all day fundraiser where we'll be screening films continuously from 1 pm until midnight.

Approximate screening times are as follows:
1:00 pm
SUPERCOP (1994) - Starring Jacky Chan and Michelle Yeoh
3:00 pm
THE LAST WOMAN OF SHANG (1964) - Starring Lin Dai
5:30 pm
LA PIENTRE (1995) - Gong Li
7:30 pm
DEAF MUTE HEROINE (1967) - Starring Helen Ma
9:30 pm
CHINESE GHOST STORY (1987) - Starring Leslie Chan
Thank you 4Star Theatre supporters.
To read the recent news article about our predicament in SFGATE:

For more information on how you can help, go here.

How can you turn down watching SUPERCOP and A CHINESE GHOST STORY for a good cause?

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The Four Star is an important part of San Francisco history and a wonderful little place to watch a film. I have spent many blissful days at this little palace beginning in 1994 with my introduction to Asian cinema, Zhang Yimou's unforgettable "To Live". How can this be the LAST Chinese movie theatre in North America and be in danger of closing?

Posted by: KMK | Dec 16, 2005 11:32:04 PM

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