December 28, 2005


This looks like a pretty bad Bollywood movie, doesn't it?Rediff has weighed in with the 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of 2005. The list is well worth reading but here's the titles with a brief pull-quote from Rediff, summarizing their problems with it.

And can I just take a moment to say that I much prefer this kind of year-end, guided missile attack to the mind-numbingly boring, marching-in-lockstep Year End Best Of lists that US critics are unleashing right now? I understand that every movie critic needs a week when they don't actually do any work and instead just sit around in their bathrobes and type up their Big Thoughts on the year in movies but good god - BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, 2046, MUNICH...A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, 2046, MUNICH...SQUID AND THE WHALE, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, MUNICH...I'm ready to blow my brains out, such as they are.

Anyways, on to Rediff's list:

WAQT - "unwatchably wrong"

PADMASHREE LALOO PRASAD YADAV - "Mahesh Manjrekar should not direct"

KAAL - "Another of Ajay's [Devgan] mistakes in a year littered with them."

BEWAFAA - "Taking a good cast and making them look bad is a pretty tough ask, but Darshan handles it with ease."

NEAL N' NIKKI - "...might just be the most unwatchable thing to ever come out of the hallowed Yashraj stables."

BACHKE REHNA RE BABA - "...Rekha exhibiting a strong case for overdue retirement."

HOME DELIVERY - "...we're better off remaking SHOLAY."

MR YA MISS - "...brutally bad performances."

SHAADI NO. 1 - "There was a time when David Dhawan's movies used to be genuinely funny..."

MANGAL PANDEY (aka THE RISING) - "A ridiculous mix of irrelevant nautch girls and satis, full with homoerotic man-on-man mudwrestling subtext."

(Many thanks to Jennifer Young for this one)

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They're right about Neal 'N' Nikki and wrong about Mr ya Miss.

Posted by: Dil Bert | Dec 28, 2005 6:40:13 PM

Totally agree, though I admit to having posted my own...So much garbage, so many "critics" pushing the same tired crap year after year...King Kong? War of the Worlds? Spielberg's latest "masterpiece"? Is this some sort of popularity contest? Not to speak of the anglo-centrism of 99.9% of this gobbledygook...

Even when it comes to Asian cinema, the same tired names keep reappearing year after year...Kim Ki-duk, Miike, Hong Sang-soo, Kurosawa...

What about the superb films of Katsuhito Ishii, Hiroyuki Nakano, Im Sang-soo, Jeff Lau?

On the other hand, just because the majority of lists published online or in the press suck doesn't necessarily mean that a yearly round-up of the year's notable releases can't be done well.

Posted by: jon pais | Dec 28, 2005 8:05:41 PM

I kinda liked Neal N Nikki...

Posted by: Al | Dec 30, 2005 5:41:44 AM

I love the songs to Home Delivery. However bad you think the movie is, the songs are beautiful. The lyrics are inspirational, thoughtful and characterize the main actors really well. So the movie is...questionable, to be nice, but the music is great.

Posted by: Naina | May 5, 2006 6:48:29 PM

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