January 16, 2006


Jackie Chan battles a flying squidYou can blame Jackie Chan for a lot of things, but can you blame him for the death of Jerry Cola, fur magnate?

Jerry was a great guy who liked the fur and the Japanese food, and nowhere made him happier than the Japanese steakhouse, Benihana. According to the chef at his table that fateful evening, Jerry loved seeing the shrimp flip through the air and was trying to catch one in his mouth. According to his wife, Jacqueline, their son had already been burnt by a flying shrimp and Jerry had just ordered the cessation of all crustaceans tossing. Either way, the result was the same. A shrimp came at Jerry's face and while either a) trying to catch it or, b) trying to duck he injured his neck requiring two surgeries.

Then...Jerry suffered an infection from one of the surgeries (the second one, presumably) and died.  Now his wife is suing Benihana for $10 million. And what is Benihana doing? Well, the manager claims that they learnt the shrimp tossing from Jackie Chan's movie MR. NICE GUY and that this is all Jackie's fault. Now, anyone who has ever been to Benihana's knows that the shrimp tossing has been going on long before MR. NICE GUY was released in 1997 and so the manager's argument seems unclear.

I think all people would agree that you can blame Jackie Chan for a lot of things...but probably not for the death of Jerry Cola.

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Yeah, I mean, I learned about shrimp tossing from The Blues Brothers (1980), so they could also sue Dan Ackroyd and the estate of John Belushi as well.

Posted by: Wise Kwai | Jan 17, 2006 4:18:50 AM

First of all his name is Jerry Colaitis, not Jerry Cola.
Also, he was not a huge Benihana fan. He was there upon his son's request as it was his son's birthday. Also, the family requested that the shrimp throwing stop. He was not trying to catch a shirmp, but rather to avoid it-do a little research before you put something on line and get your facts correct. The case is not as simple as you make it.

Posted by: me | Jan 26, 2006 2:25:33 PM

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