January 23, 2006


Encounter specialist Daya NayakWho the heck is Daya Nayak and why is he in this blog? Calm down, little camper, all will be revealed.

Daya Nayak is one of India's "encounter specialists" an elite group of police officers who seem to have an awful lot of "encounters." An encounter is when a cop runs into a criminal and the criminal winds up dead and there aren't any witnesses willing to testify as to what happened. Apparently there are five of these guys in Bomby (Mumbai) and they are a sort of unofficial team of cops who each work a separate section of the city and they are credited with "breaking the back" of organized crime in Mumbai.

Nayak himself was responsible for killing 83 criminals in three years in "encounters", but he says that people shouldn't hype this up too much since he also made 300 non-fatal arrests in that time.

There have been accusations that Nayak is in the pay of local mafia bosses and he's dismissed these allegations out of hand...until some enterprising anti-corruption investigators started asking why a guy who makes about 9,000 rupees a month has assets worth 100 crore (a crore is 10 million rupees). When they showed up at his house recently to ask some questions they were informed that Nayak was on a three day holiday. They smiled and then informed him that he had until tomorrow to surrender himself and if that didn't happen they would recommend he be suspended.

Nayak has been the subject of a couple of movies, but the best of the bunch is AB TAK CHHAPPAN, produced by Ram Gopal Varma and starring the absolutely magnetic Nana Patekar who says that even though the movie isn't about Nayak he did meet with Nayak 200 times before shooting began. This is an essential action flick, but the action isn't about intricately choreographed shoot-outs. Instead it's like a punch in the nose: short, sharp and shocking. You can rent it on Netflix or pick up an English subtitled DVD which are all over the place.

Fun Fact: Daya Nayak is a vegetarian. See, vegetarian's can be tough guys, too!

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Daya Nayk is great.

Posted by: rajeev r | Feb 2, 2006 2:17:44 AM

The encounter specialist team is no more. Long regarded as the best of the police force, this team fell under the jealous eyes of senior police officers soon after the underworld had been cut down by them. Transfers, false cases and suspensions have led to the end of this once revered band of cops.
Daya Nayak is one of these men who have come under fire for being far more famous than any police officer in Mumbai to date. 100crore is all rubbish...first he was worth 100 crores, then they said he's 4 crores and now they've found paper evidence of 40lacs. Paltry sum compared to 100 crores, really. And there is no hard evidence yet.
I believe Daya Nayak is a victim, not a villain. For more, check out my blog The Truth about Daya Nayak at http://dayanayak.blogspot.com

Posted by: punkprincess | Feb 7, 2006 2:22:50 AM

Does the arrest of Daya prove that all the other police are clean, can the courts say that all the IPS officers are very honest and only Daya was corrupt?. All the encounter cops to every one in this present system could be highly corrupt. The government have developed this system like this, that no one dare question the politicos in power. All the people in power, let it be the cops, politicians & judiciary is comfortable in this rut. Daya is made a scapegoat due to his popularity, its pure zelousy. This very cops, politicians & judiciary , including the common man knows that a effective cop, to develop informers will have friendly conversations with gangsters via mobile or landline etc, thats how information is ferreted out. No informer advertises in newspapers any tipoff. This informers have to be paid large sums to get important tip offs, this tip off money have to be generated somehow, please remember Daya's job was to put a stop to the killing feilds that was Mumbai in the ninties. His name was teror to all, ask any prominent bussinessman, if they recieved a extortion call, and if that bussinessman replied that Daya was a friend, then the calls would stop. The politicians want to revive the underworld, their fund supply have all dried up. Is it not clear that when it has come in the papers that two main politicians who have defected from the saffron party is having crores worth of property, yet this over zelous courts, out to clean this city, does not notice such newspaper reports. Why is the courts not passing any judjment on how this politicians have ammased crores worth assets in a short span of 10-15 years? Does this government want to convey a message to public that ammasing a few lakhs is not allowed, but a few hundred crores is ok. All this reeks of a greater conspiracy. Science has medicine for everything but zelousy. And this is zelousy plus conspiracy put together. Why can't he be put in house arrest, why is it necessary he has to be put in a prison full of third rate gangsters. Why is he being interrogated in camera, it should be transperent. And most important screen all the cops in the force and give them a clean chit then target him, they won't do that. The courts should also screen all the politicians, even that they wont do. Such is the state of this nation now. Major scams have surfaced but no results, what happened to Bofors, coal, fodder, helicopter, purchases, major road tender. petrol pump etc etc etc scams, why no conviction, this cases are only dragging, but Daya have to be arrested for the better of all living beings on this planet. Underworld is rejoicing, extortion will be active again, the killings will start again. This same level of effort and over zelousness is not shown to track the gangsters abroad, from Malaysia, Hong Kong,South Africa,Dubai,Pakistan,UK,US etc. We have a strong intelligense like IB & RAW etc, why not use them to track this organised gangsters, or are they inefficient or is it that our politicians don't want it, lest their involments come out? Ketan Tirodkar is a criminal, who have support of zelous vested interests in the police force. So is it ok for any criminal to suddenly change over a new leaf and target a cop ?? "When government fears public, that is liberty. When public fear government, that is tyranny."

Posted by: Ak | Feb 20, 2006 9:43:18 AM

dayanayak is great and just a victim of the jealosy of a few

Posted by: harsha | Sep 14, 2006 6:07:32 AM

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