February 01, 2006


Screendaily is feeding you nourishing nuggets of info on all the big Chinese flicks that are churning through the cameras as you read this. The most interesting tidbits are:

- Well, first a digression. Most of you have read about Zhang Yimou's next epic martial arts movie, THE CITY FILLED WITH GOLDEN ARMOR, starring Chow Yun-fat and Gong Li, but check out Stephen Chow's dis of the source material. The movie is loosely based on Cao Yu's THUNDERSTORM, a Chinese melodrama set in the 1930's (check out these pictures of all the chair-chucking mayhem) which has been shot as a movie more than once (and got caught up in rape charges between the makers in Hong Kong the last time it was made). Go back to Stephen Chow's KING OF COMEDY and watch the scene where his band of intrepid actors are performing a serious play for a bored audience of about three people. The title of the play? THUNDERSTORM.

- Jiang Wen's new movie, THE SUN ALSO RISES, which I had previously seen described as a Chinese Canterbury Tales now sounds quite different. Starring Jaycee Chan (Jackie's son), Anthony Wong and Joan Chen it's apparently four stories about a guy's life and loves (and wicked enemies) all across China from the 50's to the 90's.

- arthouse hearthrob, Tian Zhuangzhuang, is in post-production on his Chang Chen/Sylvia Chang picture about legendary Go player, Wu Qing-yuan.

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if i remember correctly, chow wasn't really dissing THUNDERSTORM as he was showing his troupe's ineptness -- that such a popular, time-tested classic (ironically championing the working class against bourgeois) can't even attract audience.

from chinese news, it seems jiang wen's SUN is about disruptions to a chinese village, in the form of adultery brought by overseas chinese couple anthony wong and joan chen. needless to say, can't wait for this one!

Posted by: edamame | Feb 1, 2006 3:05:10 PM

He wasn't really hardcore dissing it but I got the impression that he was sending up "serious drama" as much as he was sending up his troupe's inability to perform said.

As for SUN, it had previously been described (on MonkeyPeaches I think) as travellers on the road telling each other stories. So it'll be interesting to see what tactic exactly it's going to take.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Feb 2, 2006 8:31:42 AM

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