February 24, 2006


The Bangkok Film Market closed today with no major deals to announce and a growing feeling among sellers that they may not be back next year. Screendaily reports that Kadokawa's VP of International Sales says that he'll probably go to the HK Filmart next year instead of the BFM even though Filmart is more expensive. His grand total of business at the BFM? One sale of an Indian title.

Some buyers and sellers seem happy to come back if the BFM picks up all their travel costs because who doesn't want a free vacation to Thailand? The BFM's director, Christine Rush, says that it's the timing and that they'll almost certainly move it to January in 2007.

Some people still feel it's a good place to meet the Thai companies, so attendance may depend on what happens with the Thai industry in the coming year: will it be hot, or not?

As for the Bangkok International Film Festival, apparently half of its tickets have been sold. The organizers are currently struggling to put Thai subtitles on the festival's closing film...RENT.

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At the screenings I've attended - mostly the Sombat Metanee tributes, I'd guess that I was the only paying customer. I loathe press passes and the hassle that comes with them. I'd rather just pay my way like a normal audience member.

But it seems, everyone attending this festival is member of the press or is a VIP - even though I know for a fact they aren't working journalists or are even all that important.

The lines at the box office are horrendous, especially the press-pass tickets line. It was three times as long as the normal line. I don't understand why everyone can't just go to the normal ticket windows. I was standing in the "wrong" line both days I showed up. "Where's your badge?" I was asked by a fresh-faced young staffer. I was made to feel like I'd done a bad thing by showing up and paying my own way.

Seating prices aren't uniform. I paid 200 baht for one film that was being screened in a special VIP seating theater with reclining chairs. It was nice, but if I would have had a choice, I'd have seen the movie somewhere else - but I didn't have a choice. It was the only screening. So, prices should be uniform. That's all I'm saying about that.

I hope they move the entire festival back to January. I was busy with other things (hard to believe, other things in life besides watching movies) this year and could not attend the opening weekend. Consequently, I've had trouble getting into the film festival game this year.

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