February 28, 2006


Thai horror flick, DORMIf you live in Thailand you must be so excited that you wake up singing these days. The Thai horror flick, DORM, has opened bigger than every other movie released this year except for UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION and it's already the top grossing Thai film of the year after only being in theaters for 4 days.

Then, the song in your heart gets louder, when you learn that the producers of FEARLESS, the hit Jet Li movie, plan to release the longer version of the movie in Thailand. Michelle Yeoh and Thai actor  Somluck Kamsing were cut from the movie for pacing reasons, but it seems that rumors have swept through Thailand that Somluck isn't actually in the movie, and so the producers are releasing the version that includes him and, as an added bonus, Michelle Yeoh.

And, finally, your whole body just explodes with music when you realize that the Bangkok International Film Festival may be up to the same tricks that a prestigious festival like the Tribeca Film Fest uses to "guarantee" sold-out screenings. Many people have been mystified that at the Tribeca fest there will be a sold-out screening of a film with only 10-20 actual audience members in a 100 seat auditorium. The same thing has been reported at the Bangkok International Film Festival and here's how the magic happens, at least in Tribeca. Many corporate sponsors either purchase, or have blocks of tickets set aside for their employees. These tickets can't be sold to the public until the last minute since they must be held for the sponsor. The result? A sold-out show with no one in the audience! Hey, presto!

There have also been some rumors that it's a faulty ticketing system that suggests a show is sold out when there are plenty of tickets available. Yeah, sure, blame the robots.

(Thanks to WiseKwai and Thaicinema.org)

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It is great to live in Thailand. No mistake about that. I am brimming with gratitude to my Thai hosts each day I awaken in this fair Kingdom.

Especially when I have wonderful movies like Dorm to go see. What a great film!

No Michelle in the Thai version of Fearless, but Somluck is there, and it's a great scene, coming in the middle of Jet's sojorn to a mountain village, where he gets in touch with his spirituality. It's a nice break from the warm-fuzzy moments, and in terms of character development, I think it's pretty important. I'm hopeful the DVD versions of Fearless will at least include the scene with Somluck as a deleted scene, if not as part of a special edition.

Posted by: wisekwai | Mar 3, 2006 9:20:58 AM

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