March 31, 2006


Bandai's new PSP time waster, RAIN WONDER TRIPIt's Friday and that means it's Fun Day! Please, try to contain yourselves. Because there are some serious issues to discuss today.

First off, the anti-porn campaign in Beijing has been a big success with lots of porno movies destroyed, but the result has been a serious price increase (from 7 yuan to 25 yuan) of porn. And then Danwei wonders, "Well if the police know the porn price has tripled they must be browsing some porn vendors, so why aren't they destroying that porn too...?"

Fortunately, the Five Friendlies are on the case. Nobody's favorite Olympic mascots are going to be the stars of a 52 episode, 3-D animated TV series in China that'll start in mid-2007. And in the first episode, they bring joy to children by distributing affordable porn to everyone. Thanks, Five Friendlies!

And if the mission is too intense for the Five Friendlies, then leave it to Rain who not only just began shooting Park Chan-Wook's I AM A CYBORG (BUT THAT'S OKAY) but he also just became a video game character in Bandai's new PSP time waster, RAIN WONDER TRIP.

Right about now, Jackie Chan wishes he was that magic. On the set of his new movie, ROB B HOOD (is this another title for PROJECT BB?), in a strange turnaround, a stuntman injured Jackie, sending him to the hospital after kicking him in the chest. Jackie says the stuntman was wearing the wrong shoes, but I think it might be that his chest is too big.

This kind of thing would never happen to Bruce Lee and just hearing about this foolishness makes me miss Bruce. You miss Bruce, too, so head over to "I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives" and drop dope beats on the interactive Bruce Lee remix machine. Niraj sent it in but it was invented by - wait for it - the Germans. Of course it was. At least it wasn't invented by the Italians, whose PM just accused China of using boiled babies as fertilizer. We all know that's not true - China has always fertilized its fields with mashed up bits and pieces of the Five Friendlies.

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