March 28, 2006


Bollywood actress, Manisha Koirala, has problems a-plenty. She's fought the Taliban in ESCAPE FROM TALIBAN, played a suicide bomber out to kill the Indian Prime Minister in DIL SE, and she's had her imaginary dog targeted by fundamentalist Muslims. But now she's being accused of murdering her own secretary. For a celebrity, this is the ultimate horror.

Abu Salem was one of the gangsters in the Dawood gang who terrorized Bollywood in the 90's. He was recently extradited from Portugal to India with his galpal Monica Bedi, a Bollywood bitplayer, to be questioned in 60 murder cases, including the daylight murder of music producer Gulshan Kumar. He's also wanted for questioning in relation to the 1993 Mumbai bombings. And he's wanted for questioning in the 2002 murder of Ajit Deewani, Manisha Koirala's secretary.

Abu Salem reportedly confessed to her murder in a statement in February of this year, but now a TV news show is reporting that Salem says, "Manisha made me do it." Supposedly he claimed that Manisha was in a money dispute with her own secretary and had Abu Salem kill her over it.

This is backed up by no police statement, but is merely being reported on a news show in India. Expect this one to dry up and go away. Unless it doesn't.

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Out of curiosity, why Manisha? I mean, the outfits she had to wear while having to gooey-gaze at Bobby Deol in GUPT were suffering enough for one person.

More seriously, it's her name that keeps popping up in connection with shady characters -- you left out the story about the drug dealer that got arrested and just happened to have Manisha's digits in his cell phone. And not any one of a hundred other actresses we could name. Is she just consistently hanging out with a bad crowd? Or is it something about her that makes her a target?

(I wonder, too, whether Preity Zinta has suffered any adverse consequences for testifying in a mafia trial in 2003 -- if I remember correctly -- or not.)

Posted by: Jessica | Mar 30, 2006 6:22:03 AM

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