March 06, 2006


Wow...so the Oscars weren't quite as bad as I feared. The entertainment value was up thanks to Jon Stewart who came on strong and then seemed to flag as his material was reduced to "Wow, we're going great!" after the first hour. The self-congratulatory factor was in the red, though, and I was surprised at how liberal/leftie the Oscars were willing to be. I guess they figured if they were going to champion unpopular movies then why not go all the way? At least they had a thought process, something that was demonstrably absent in previous years.

Those weird montages (the Film Noir one and the Epic one) were sure padding though, and the last thing the Oscars need is padding. And speaking of padding, what was that on Charlize Theron's left shoulder? A crow? A little pillow in case she got sleepy? I'm not sure what it was, but it scared me almost as much as Dolly Parton's face work. Every year she gets tinier and her face gets more streamlined and smooth. Eventually she'll just be a six inch tall dancing lady with the face of a 4 year old. And we'll all still love her.

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I thought the cowboy montage was pretty good...

Posted by: danno! | Mar 6, 2006 9:56:25 AM

Those weird montages (the Film Noir one and the Epic one) were...

Did you happen to catch WHY those montages were included?

I mean, they were apropos of... what exactly?

I missed the intros and couldn't figure out, "Why this style/genre? Why now?"

Posted by: Donald Gray | Mar 6, 2006 11:29:32 AM

I was going back and forth between watching a movie and the Oscars - whenever an Oscar winner was announced I jumped to the film and thankfully missed almost all the acceptance speeches - but my impression was they were trying to push people to see movies in the theater again and reminded us of the good old days when we did go to the theater to see great films - but to echo Norma Desmond "the movies are so much smaller now". There wasn't one film among the five that felt essential to see in a theater to me so I will just wait for the dvd.

Posted by: Brian N. | Mar 6, 2006 8:17:17 PM

The cowboy montage was great, as was Jon Stewart's response to the montage about "issue" movies: "And none of those issues...were ever a problem...again."

But the montages which were about Hollywood's "Return to Glamour" were very, very...not so good.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Mar 8, 2006 6:50:29 AM

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