March 03, 2006


Parody of Chen Kaige's THE PROMISESo here's the scoop on THE PROMISE hitting North America. Warner will release a shorter, 102 minute version of THE PROMISE in the top 20 markets on May 5, then expand to other markets on May 12th, and expand (supposedly) even more on May 26. I'm glad THE PROMISE is getting a release but the questions are twofold: 1) will mainstream critics appreciate the big silliness? 2) will anyone care about it when it's released?

I've got a big gold thumb ready to turn up or down on this one. I just can't decide which way to go yet.

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From what I heard, the shorter version is a much better movie. (The shorter version has a new ending)

Even Golden Globes gave the shorter version a "Best Foreign Language Film" nomination.

Posted by: No name | Mar 3, 2006 8:11:31 AM

Actually, The Golden Globes nominated the full 2 hour version. Personally, I don't think all the editing in the world could save this movie. It is so ridiculous and silly. I can't see it doing well in the states.

Posted by: hellocruelworld | Mar 3, 2006 4:43:13 PM

According to several sources, The Golden Globes nominated the shorter version. The Weinstein Company submit that version to Golden Globes. (Therefore, Golden Globes called this movie is "Master of Crimson Armor" in its press release)

Posted by: no name | Mar 3, 2006 7:18:13 PM

Oh come on... The Touch was not bad. You have to learn to accept the world it's presenting and then just sit back and enjoy.

Posted by: wyejon | Mar 4, 2006 9:07:27 AM

This film will be laughed out of the theaters - now admittedly I enjoyed it on some lunatic level but I would like to think most people have much better taste than I do. It's hard for me to imagine than anyone at Warners has actually watched this film and thought it was good.

Posted by: Brian N. | Mar 4, 2006 5:44:44 PM

I think Warners has only watched the shorter version( which were edited by The Weinstein Co).

Posted by: No name | Mar 5, 2006 4:42:41 AM

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