March 30, 2006


For lo these many posts I've been following the fortunes of Jiang Wen's movie, SUN RISES AGAIN, a movie that stars Anthony Wong, Jaycee Chan and Joan Chen. Do we know more than that? No. Jiang Wen has taught us that we know nothing. We are like blind babies in the woods surrounded by loud air raid sirens. We are lost and confused. The movie has been described as a Chinese "Canterbury Tales", as a series of stories told on the road, and as a movie that covers several decades. But now the plot is related over on MonkeyPeaches and they say it's about a couple sent to be re-educated, and the husband goes to kill his wife's lover, and there's something about a piece of velvet in there, too.

Then MonkeyPeaches breaks down and confesses: no one knows what it's about. Anthony Wong says it's an erotic film with songs; Jaycee Chan says it's an action movie; Joan Chen says it's ROMAN HOLIDAY and Jiang Wen says it's an amazing new device that removes stains from upholstery and keeps your drink cold. Then there's the shopping list. This movie required: trained birds, trained animals, lots of bullets, hundreds of burning tents, a big Tibetan house, thousands of river rocks and a ship.

What is this movie? I dunno, but bless the little hearts of MonkeyPeaches for continuing to keep us informed of the most intriguing Chinese film of the year.

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Uhmmm..but has Jaycee learn to act yet? because dude..he suuuuuuuuucks

Posted by: Andy | Mar 30, 2006 5:30:13 AM

I hear ya, Andy! Fortunately, the phenomenally talented Anthony Wong has the the skills to compensate for Jaycee's, shall we say, limited range.

Posted by: Renee | Mar 30, 2006 7:53:57 AM

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