April 24, 2006


Ultraman Mebius was PostMaster for a Day in NagoyaKids. What are you going to do about them? If you're Katsunao Ujiie, the fellow accused of killing an infant in a supermarket, the answer's pretty straight forward. And when a woman who had been beaten by Ujiie appeared in court to testify against him, well, Ujiie beat her up again. In court. She required ten days treatment for her injuries.

Then there's the loving, 60 year old couple who were sick of their unruly 28 year old daughter and beat her to death with a glass ashtray for being too argumentative.

Although things are looking up in the baby department since Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng just had a 7 pound baby girl one month early. Hubby is director Peter Chan, who's supposedly working on a remake of the Shaw Brothers flick BLOOD BROTHERS.

The Hu Jintao/George Bush meeting at the White House has been dismissed as next-to-useless by most of the press, but only EastWestNorthSouth brings the pain about how bad the ceremony at the White House really was: 1) Apparently the Chinese National Anthem shouldn't have been played. Not sure why, but it shouldn't have been. 2) The Chinese translation (of Bush's speech) was awful by several accounts, and slow. 3) Chinese press is speculating that the protester was a plant. 4) The meeting wasn't well-choreographed and Bush had to show Hu how to get off-stage.

But everything isn't all bad. Really. There's light and sunshine out there in the universe, yet. Ultraman Mebius was PostMaster for a Day in Nagoya. But the story brushes up against the tragic:

"While he appeared hesitant about using a pen -- something he normally doesn't do -- he managed to carry out his duties."

Yay, Ultraman Mebius! You bring energy and power!

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It wasn't that the anthem was being played...it was that Bush said "Republic of China" (Taiwan) instead of "People's Republic of China" (Mainland China) that pissed people off... :p

Posted by: Vincent | Apr 24, 2006 8:02:12 AM

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I couldn't find an explanation anywhere I was looking.

Posted by: Grady Hendrix | Apr 24, 2006 5:36:27 PM

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