April 27, 2006


The New York Asian Film Festival (my cooperative baby I've birthed with four other mutant parents) celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and tomorrow (Friday) we reveal our line-up.

Although not every slot is filled (some people are sloooow with answers this year, but we love them anyways) we've got enough of it locked down that we feel the time is right to whip off the veil and show you what we got. World Premieres. A nice, juicy focus on a certain director. Pro wrestling. Ninjas. Monkies from space.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow. Same bat-time. Same bat-blog.

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sean, i wait with bated breath every year for this early summer treat, and it has never disappoint, and i expect no less this year,

unfortunately, i have a newborn this year, i guess he'll have to do without me for a few weeks...daddy needs his asianflick fix !!

Posted by: Buma | Apr 27, 2006 1:48:17 PM

will it be as hk-unfriendly as last year?

Posted by: crazy n' the city | Apr 27, 2006 7:39:48 PM

I'm skipping Tribeca and the only reason I am is because I'm saving up for your fest. It's worth it!

Posted by: Al | Apr 28, 2006 8:26:49 AM

"will it be as hk-unfriendly as last year?"

Well yes and no. We certainly have gone after a number of HK films this year but as of yet none of them have been lined up. The reasons? The usual suspects - rights owned by US distribuotrs who have no plans for them yet and so won't let us show them, the foreign sales agents are in "negotiations" with a US distributor which automatically puts them into limbo film fest wise and finally some HK sales agents want a fortune in rental fees to show their films. Basically HK distributors are pretty film fest unfriendly and make little effort to get their films into them. Thats one reason why you see very few festivals with any HK presence these days other than Udine. But in truth the ones that sell out in Udine like Shopaholicks would play to a near empty house at our fest. This was proven to us with Crazy N the City last year and previous non-action HK films. We love some of these films but with a checking account that is close to zero we have no choice but to look at the bottom line to some degree.

But we may show some older classic HK action films - which ones are still being worked on and it might fall thru - but if it goes like we want it to we may have a few in the fest and may do an all day affair of them at the Anthology. We don't know if anyone will show up for them and almost don't care - we just want the pleasure of seeing these films again on the big screen like we used to at the Music Palace.

Posted by: Brian | Apr 30, 2006 5:25:54 PM

Yeah, I'd pay to see Peking Opera Blues on the big screen one more time.

Posted by: Josh | Apr 30, 2006 10:12:29 PM

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