April 28, 2006


We previously reported that the big-budget Korean film, TYPHOON, was going to be released in the US by its producers, CJ Entertainment, and Dreamworks. It looks like they've announced a release date of June 2, and Paramount Classics is handling the limited release.

You can read a review of TYPHOON and scroll up that page to see its box office result: around 4 million tickets sold which is very disappointing for a movie that was reported as the most expensive Korean film of all time (at US$15 million). In Korea, 3 million tickets is decent, 7 million tickets means a blockbuster, and an increasing number of mega-hits are passing the 10 million ticket mark.

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It didn't do too well in Japan either, despite of the huge "Korean boom" - see the trackback.

Posted by: Michi | Apr 28, 2006 12:17:45 PM

They're done tinkering with it (the director was reportedly recutting the film for the American market) since they've already got an MPAA rating. Wish the MPAA ratings included the running time on their website, UK-style.

Title: Typhoon (2006)
Rating: R
Rating Reason: Rated R for strong violence and brief language.
Distributor: Paramount Classics, A Division Of Paramount Pictures Corporation
Alternate Titles: Taepung

Posted by: Rhythm-X | Apr 30, 2006 12:55:46 AM

Well, as it happens the English website for it is up at www.typhoonthemovie.com - there's no mention of Paramount or Dreamworks that I could find. It demands a P3 933 up front, and your reward is black text in transparent windows over very dark pictures. Well done, CJ, well done. Anyway, there's an English subtitled trailer that would be a red band for sure if they used it in theaters as-is, and it's confirmed in the news section that we're getting the director's new and shortened re-cut of the movie, which might be a good thing.

Posted by: Rhythm-X | Apr 30, 2006 1:37:11 AM

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