April 11, 2006


Not much more to say about this one. Wilson Yip's latest project, DRAGON TIGER GATE, based on a 70's Hong Kong comic book has been scooped up by the Weinstein Company for all English-speaking territories. It'll be interesting to see what happens to it. Based on the past, I predict we'll never hear from it again.

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Well crap. I'm not terribly excited to hear this. Is there maybe any indication....just a little that they've turned over a new leaf?

(And on an unrelated note, does anyone know of a list of the films the Weinsteins have/had that they DIDN'T release? I was trying to espouse the evils of Miramax to someone but couldn't find that particular hard evidence, except for everyone's collective ill will on the internet)

Posted by: FiveVenoms | Apr 11, 2006 10:19:59 AM

let's go here and throw rotten vegetables... :P

Posted by: su-su | Apr 11, 2006 11:21:11 AM

And direct to video in three... two...

Posted by: Rich Drees | Apr 11, 2006 12:08:13 PM

I have given up caring as long as I can get the legal Asian DVD. They can do whatever they want for the dumb Americans (well I guess that includes me too though).

Posted by: glenn | Apr 11, 2006 1:13:27 PM

What, are these filmmakers $#%*ing stupid? First ONG BAK 2 goes to the people who never brought you TOM YUM GOONG, now DRAGON TIGER GATE goes to the people who never brought you SPL, who also are the same people who never brought you TYG. It's like getting back with an abusive spouse. "Maybe THIS time he won't hit me anymore. It'll be different this time, I just know it. He's changed." But sooner or later you end up bruised and bloody, because just that's his evil nature, and nothing will ever change that.

Posted by: Rhythm-X | Apr 11, 2006 1:47:30 PM

They just like the money Weinsteins pay them, they don't really care so much what they do with them afterwards, at least I think that's their rationalization.

Posted by: hellocruelworld | Apr 11, 2006 3:59:13 PM

I'd think that if it was me, a company who offered less money up front but was more likely to actually show the film to audiences, without hacking it to bits, would be more attractive that a company offering a bit more money up front, but with a very good chance that the movie would dissapear forever into a warehouse like at the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, or worse, be shown to audiences in a bastardized version that has little to do with the film I originally made. A filmmaker wants people to see his movies, or else he's in the wrong line of work. There's easier ways to get rich, if money's all that matters. Exposure can be more valuable than cash up front. Miramax wanted OLDBOY, presumably on their usual terms, but they didn't get it, and Park Chan-wook is no worse off as a result of his films going out through Tartan instead.

Posted by: Rhythm-X | Apr 12, 2006 12:58:00 PM

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