May 10, 2006


A sharp-eyed reader sends along news that Derek Yee's drug movie is going to be called PROTEGE, not BLOOD BROTHER. Also, Peter Chan will be producing. Chan is the director of COMRADES: ALMOST A LOVE STORY, PERHAPS LOVE and the producer of the famous THREE omnibus horror flicks. Chan is super-savvy and super-connected and with him on board you can be assured that PROTEGE will be a classy-looking, well-made movie and that Derek Yee is going to get every single thing he asks for.

Yee has said that Andy Lau and Louis Koo will star in the movie, and Chan has said that he's pretty sure the movie will be a big deal on the international scene when it comes out. In addition, Chan says that the movie won't be edited for Chinese certification, meaning that blood, gore, drug use, and corrupt government officials won't be taboo in this one.

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Andy told us when he was in San Francisco last month that he will be very busy recording two albums in the coming months to be released in fall and winter of this year with a huge tour to follow next year. So scheduling in this project will tricky. Here's more on the film in English: http://andylausounds.blogspot.com/


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