May 16, 2006


The Weinstein Company has picked up Tsui Hark's SEVEN SWORDSThe Weinstein Company has picked up Tsui Hark's SEVEN SWORDS. Their deal is for US film and video rights and this is another Bey Logan-helmed acquisition. Sez Bey: “Seven Swords is a dynamic and visibly impressive film with remarkable cinematography and fight choreography and we are excited to be working again with Tsui Hark and Donnie Yen."

There's also the cryptic "big Weinstein Company announcement" that will supposedly come out of Cannes next week. My guess would be that the announcement will reveal that they are licensing their Shaw Brothers titles to some cable channels and video release dates for the Shaw titles as well as some of their Asian titles like TOM YUM GOONG (which has been testing in a subtitled print in NYC recently under the title of THE PROTECTOR), SEVEN SWORDS and a few others.

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THE PROTECTOR? Seriously? Wonder if Bey Logan came up with that winner, or if it was almost used for something else, maybe HERO? Goes to show you really can't teach an old dog new tricks, especially when the dog's retarded and really should have been put to sleep years ago because all it does is roll around in an ever-widening swamp of its own filth as it stares blankly at you, comprehending nothing. Couldn't they at least give us THE ELEPHANT PROTECTOR? THE THAI PROTECTOR? LEGEND OF THE HOLY ELEPHANT? MASTER OF THE THAI LEGEND? HELL IS FOR ELEPHANTS? THE ELEPHANT MASTER? ELEPHANT WARRIORS? THE THAI MASTER? I could crap out dozens of these in a matter of minutes. Good God, I shudder to think what SPL will end up being called. They'll probably call it INFERNAL AFFAIRS 4 and send it to DVD. I hate these morons and I wish they'd go away and stay there.

Posted by: Rhythm-X | May 16, 2006 3:33:02 PM

I had to chuckle to myself recently when I got a copy of Marshall Fine's new muck-raking biography of Peckinpah:- "Bloody Sam".

Particularly episodes such as, on hearing of the studio re-editing of "Pat Garrett...", Peckinpah's immediate reaction was to order his assistant to get the f*ck down to Mexico, get Emilio Fernandez, & get 2 guys to take out James Aubrey (the scissor-happy president of MGM).

The publisher of "Bloody Sam" - Miramax Books...

Posted by: Bunta Sugawara | May 16, 2006 3:57:34 PM

Yay - another straight to video pick-up. When did the Weinsteins decide to become a B action film company? Someone should whisper in Bey's ear that Asia actually makes films that aren't action and are so much better than the stuff he has picked up, but he seems so stuck in his own fanboy past that he has completely lost touch or just has no interest in anything else. What a waste of time and money.

Posted by: Brian | May 16, 2006 4:20:49 PM

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