June 14, 2006


Koji Yakusho may be in an Indian martial arts called THE 19TH STEPKoji Yakusho may be in an Indian martial arts/Buddhism film called THE 19TH STEP which will showcase the Kerala martial art, Kalaripayuttu. Directed by Bharatbala it will tell the story of a Japanese samurai in the twilight years of the samurai in the 19th century who accidentally kills a monk and, out of penance, retraces the steps of the Buddha and winds up in India learning Kalaripayuttu from Mohanlal (COMPANY). Bharatbala was at Cannes and saw Yakusho in BABEL and claimed that he was going to offer him the role.

(Thanks to Niraj for the tip)

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Merde !!!

que penses-tu

un grand acteur comme Yakusho Koji va jouer dans un film indien

Impossible !!!!!

Posted by: Suraj Mandal | Sep 26, 2006 6:48:16 AM

Dear Suraj Mandal,

Yakusho Koji has given further proof of being a great actor by consenting to act in the Indian movie.

You need not be so worried since the director Bharatbala does not make the usual song and dance movies. He is more likely to spin a sensitive and thought provoking film which does justice to the acting talents of such accomplished actors such as Mohanlal and Yakusho Koji.

Besides if movie goers show their appreciation of this effort which is off the beaten path, maybe we shall see more movies like this made in the future.

Posted by: Suraj | Oct 20, 2006 1:21:32 AM

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