July 27, 2006


Jung Doo-Hong Hong Kong has Yuen Wo-ping. Thailand has Panna Ritthikrai. And Korea has Jung Doo-Hong, who founded the Seoul Action School and has provided the action choreography for the best of the best movies. He appeared onscreen with Ryu Seung-Wan in CITY OF VIOLENCE and now he's coming to NYC to make LJ Films' first English-language movie, COMEBACK. LJ says that Korea's level of production now outstrips the Korean market and that the US B-movie market may actually be more lucrative than the entire Korean market put together. So they've set up an office in the US and are putting up around $3 million to shoot COMEBACK.

Jason Yee will star, and the movie sees him play a cop who's going after gangs in Chinatown and who gets framed for something or other and has to go to Korea to beat some people up and clear his name. I go to Chinatown a lot and the only crime I see is spitting in public and overpriced souvenirs being fobbed off on tourists, but then again it's quite possible I missed something.

It's set for completion in 2007 and the first draft of the script has been finished. I wonder if the Weinstein Company will be involved? They seem to have a taste for Asian action movies and a love of bargains so this could be right up their alley.

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Well, I hope they don't make a new Dark Warrior. That movie was bad! But I heard some good things about this City of Violence. Is it really that good?

Posted by: Luiz Alexandre | Jul 27, 2006 11:17:18 AM

oh grady! you crack me up! obiviously you have never had your ass kicked by Koreans in C-Town. That is the only reason I still go!

Posted by: colin Geddes | Jul 27, 2006 8:29:36 PM

How about them notorious double-parkers in C-town? Isn't double-parking a crime?

Posted by: Choi Hoon | Jul 29, 2006 1:13:22 AM

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